Gainesville resident Cory Carnley is a native Floridian, travel blogger, and tobacconist. He has experience working in the hotel sector, notably as a bartender.

He has turned his love of travel into a career using his marketing and business acumen. He continues to enjoy fine cigars and all things tobacco during his travels.

Blogs about travel

One day, Cory decided to travel. By working as a freelance writer and photographer, he could support himself while he set off on his trip. He acknowledged his affinity for travel, particularly domestic travel. He developed a travel blog to document his experiences and explain how he made money from them to keep traveling. He has visited 44 of the 50 states so far and plans to return to the ones he has yet to. On his travels, the Florida native writes and snaps pictures.

His aim of lifelong learning requires travel. His viewpoint is widened and altered by traveling to other areas. Cory Carnley's love of domestic travel has given him a fresh perspective on the United States, its landscape, and its history. Through his personal travel experiences, he inspires people to extend their perspectives and discover new things.

Tobacco addiction

Carnley smoked a cigar to mark turning 18 years old. After a good time, he dedicated his life to studying tobacco and premium cigars.

Through more study, testing, and learning, he expanded his expertise to encompass high-end cigars and cigarillos, "gas station cigarillos," chewing tobacco, cigarettes, dipping tobacco, hookahs, nasal snuff, pipes, and pipe tobacco.

He was able to obtain a tobacconist accreditation thanks to his studies. The ability to help others choose their first cigar and determine their tastes is made possible by tobacconist credentials, which help create an excellent appreciation for premium cigars. He further widened his schooling to obtain certificates in bartending and responsible vending because luxury cigars are frequently enjoyed with expensive wines or liquors.

Work in Advocacy

Cory Carnley joined Cigar Rights of America, a group that advocates for the premium cigar industry, as its youngest member because of his passion for premium cigars. The consumer-based organization protects producers' and manufacturers' rights to enjoy hand-rolled cigars. Along with providing information on the top lounges and cigar stores, the association keeps members up to speed on legislative proposals, new goods, and events.

In Carnley's opinion, young adults have a critical role in Cigar Rights of America, a significant organization. The group will influence lawmakers and the general public more as more young adults join. By allowing people to get together and talk about their shared interest in cigars, he also believes the group provides an exceptional service to cigar fans.

Experience and Professional Skills

Carnley has built a solid professional skill set thanks to his pursuits.


With wit, diligence, and perseverance, Cory transformed his love of domestic travel into a profitable enterprise. Cory Carnley has honed his skills in digital marketing by utilizing strategies like affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, guest posting, sponsored linking, Youtube videos, and obtaining backlinks through media appearances.

Smoking and Hospitality

With his credentials, Carnley is qualified for a job at a high-end restaurant that provides fine drinks and cigars. Thanks to his expertise as a tobacconist, he can serve both seasoned and inexperienced cigar users with distinction. Moreover, it equips him with the information necessary to choose the accessories to offer along with the cigars and instruct clients on practical matters like mixing and storing tobacco.

The bartending and responsible vending credentials go hand in hand with the tobacconist credentials. The term "responsible vending" relates to alcohol sales methods, including avoiding selling to minors and reducing drunk driving. In Florida, responsible vending establishments may be eligible for insurance discounts.

Last but not least, his capacity to become an authority on domestic travel, cigarette use, and alcohol sales, primarily based on his study and experience, shows a will to achieve and never stop learning. In many occupations, determination and ongoing education are essential.

Contributing to others

Cory Carnley gives back to society by being willing to readily impart the information he has acquired via a great deal of effort. He finds tremendous satisfaction in imparting the enjoyment of fine cigars to others. Along with encouraging people to explore independently, he is also ready to share the pleasures of travel with others. Last but not least, he freely advises his readers on how they may transform a love of travel — or any activity — into an internet business.

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Cory Carnley

Cory Carnley

Cory Carnley is a Gainesville resident and a native of Florida with a diverse set of skills and experience.