How to Select the Top Cigar Brands for Beginners

Cory Carnley
3 min readAug 25, 2022

Cigars are typically reserved for special events or relaxation. Hand-rolled and available in a variety of flavors and strengths. Cigars are a difficult and frightening hobby, so selecting the correct brands is vital, and learning how to smoke cigars is like a master.

Oliva is among the most popular Nicaraguan brands. Their cigars have a medium to full body with wood and caramel flavors. They typically have a smooth surface and are somewhat costly. This brand has a lengthy history and numerous accolades. The Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado is a cigar with a medium to full body, a velvety texture, with aromas of wood and caramel.

Padron is another well-known brand generally recognized outside of the cigar industry. Its cigars have authentic Cameroon wrappers and a well-balanced mixture. Founded in 1964, Padron cigars are available in Maduro and natural wrapper variations. The company’s premium line emphasizesavor quality and is well appreciated among cigar enthusiasts and consumers.

OpusX is the premium cigar produced by the firm. Midway through the 1990s, the OpusX cigars were so uncommon that only two per order could be purchased. Even now, it is a smoking cult classic. Its unusual leather and cayenne pepper combination are one of its major selling factors. In addition, its price makes it an outstanding bargain.
Dominican Republic cigars are hand-rolled with Ashton tobacco. The cigars of this firm are renowned for their creamy flavor and distinctive scent. Consequently, they are the benchmark for premium cigars. Seven unique blends are available from Ashton, with flavors ranging from woody to spicy with a smooth finish.

My Father’s cigars are a Nicaraguan family-owned brand. These cigars are crafted from the country’s more robust tobaccos. The flavor profile contains a hint of spice, making it a favorite option among cigar enthusiasts. As a result, both cigar reviewers and critics have given them great ratings.

Davidoff Cigars are an additional excellent option. They are the most popular cigars in the world, not just for the wealthy. Their premium cigars are necessary for anyone desiring a deluxe smoking experience. In addition, they are brimming with indelible tastes. The company has been operating for over a century and is one of the world’s most popular brands. Its gorgeous labels and high-quality products have won them a spot in the top cigar industry.

Another market-leading brand is Cohiba. The most exquisite tobacco leaves harvested in Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo area are used to craft these cigars. The leaves are then stored in wooden barrels for a third fermentation, which imparts a distinct, smooth flavor. As a result, they have earned multiple honors and are appreciated among cigar enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether you choose a light or full-bodied cigar, you cannot go wrong with any option. There are numerous brands to choose from, each catering to distinct interests and tastes. As with good wines, each cigar has its unique characteristics. The body is an essential feature. This is the most common cigar kind. Medium-bodied cigars produce a reasonable amount of smoke and are frequently paired with coffee or bourbon. In addition, they typically have a more refined flavor and a warmer texture than other cigars.

Several brands are inexpensive and of high quality for budget-conscious smokers. Oliva is a brand that sells inexpensive cigars with a medium body. Famous Romeo y Julieta 1875 cigars have a medium body. Partagas is a well-known, reasonably-priced brand that produces robust and flavorful blends.

Romeo y Julieta cigars are renowned for their exquisite taste. This premium brand utilized Indonesian wrappers and was named after a tragedy play by William Shakespeare. It gained popularity in the early twentieth century and is currently produced in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The reputation and history of the brand are extensive. It was formerly Winston Churchill’s favorite.

Perdomo cigars are another brand owned by a family. In Esteli, Nicaragua, they produce cigars with a wide variety of distinct blends. Among their most popular collections is their Estate Seleccion Vintage Limited Edition. This cigar has a mild flavor and is flavored with coffee and wood.



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